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She researches how people navigate their social worldsincluding how language and mental capacity influences interactions. Be curious Ask questions. Research actually suggests that people who ask more questions are better liked by their conversation partners than people who ask fewer questions. A question can either kick off a conversation or keep it going, Sandstrom says.

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Attractive seeking intelligent conversationalist

Very attractive brunette, 5'3", fit, healthy with great smile. That experience shaped me.

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Young is good, funny and kind is even better. I'm 52, going on 42 and somewhat spiritual but not religious. Good at both witty and deep conversations. Mindful, playful, witty and spry.

Attractive seeking intelligent conversationalist

I have an Ed. Greek orthodox, but no religious preference. I am athletic, ski, golf, play tennis and work out. They mean the world to me. What I really want is adventure, in every sense of the word.

We’re social beings. even uncomfortable conversations are good for our wellbeing.

Open to long-term, but not gonna rush into anything. Best achievement ever: raising two fabulous children. I bring affection, mischievousness and true kindness. Be curious Ask questions. My celebrity crush?

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I enjoy a diverse range of interests from socializing in nice bars and trendy restaurants and engaging in heated intelligent discussions, to reading, watching movies, biking, and rock climbing. Attorney by day, I do yoga and pilates, spin to good music, play golf and go on long dog walks to relax. Enjoy the arts and outdoors. My passions include all things artistic film, theatre, musicinternational travel and food, close relationships with family and friends, as well as enjoying the outdoors.

I volunteer as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for neglected and intelkigent children. I love the smell of coffee, redwoods Attrxctive the ocean.

Equally comfortable taking a fish off a hook or sneaking champagne onto the parterre. Happy to write, chat, or meet for coffee or a drink, and take it from there.

Enjoy classical and jazz music as well as theatre. I'm Catholic but require no religious preference. I recently became an empty nester and am creating this next phase of my life with intention. Mill Valley. Please be advised that I am seeking a relationship, not an encounter, with a man of great character, substance, and humor; qualities I share and would like to make available to the right person.

Attractive seeking intelligent conversationalist

I am available to meet and engage with a loving heart. I am fun loving and a happy soul. Sociable introvert with a sense of humor.

Attractive seeking intelligent conversationalist

My most recent focus is guitar so I can play and sing with friends. I'm culturally Jewish but not religious.

Talking to new people is hard because there are so many unknowns

Funny and sensitive. I am more spiritual than a practicing Catholic.

Attractive seeking intelligent conversationalist

I have made bold moves on occasion and am not afraid of change. I'm 59, raised Roman Catholic, now Episcopalian for the community and focus on working to better the world. I love sharing art and live music with friends, and have great fun entertaining friends and family.

But I haven't found that crazy love I want, and I don't want to settle for anything less. Atttactive would love it if you are musical and like to sing and dance, too!

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Idealistic leftbut avoids stridency. D psychologist in private practice with faculty affiliation; do some teaching and writing. Have a grown daughter, a fonversationalist and a cat named Frog. I am a professor of economics and enjoy my work immensely.

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My practice is mostly public work; airports, schools, universities, athletic and recreation facilities. Confident in most social settings. Divorced and mother of two wonderful grown. Petite, scientist, ballet dancer with long brown hair and brown eyes.

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I live in Arizona. Prefer Christian partner.

Attractive seeking intelligent conversationalist

I love learning and continue to do so on a daily basis; whether it is finessing a recipe for 80 people or taking an online course on EdX. I have a great love of family.