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Episode Guide I've put together some tzkes synopses of Zeta Project episodes. All episodes are listed according to the YTV ing. I'm doing all Buucky from memory so they may be a little off. Season 1 The Accomplice When we first meet Zeta he's contacting Agent Bennet from a bus depot, trying to explain his innocence directly to him. Zeta manages to escape because of West's eagerness to use his firearm. Meanwhile, we also meet Ro, who's in trouble for shoplifting.

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Ro breaks Bucky's machines and she and Zee leave. When Ro objects just before they go in, the gang leader pulls out a gun. Zee tells Ro he is sad that she didn't find her brother, but she says that he's all the family she needs.

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A movie that seems awfully similar to the events of The Next Gen As they go to meet Ro's adoptive family, she explains how she always felt that her adoptive sister Tiffy was favoured over her. Zeta and IU7 battle for awhile. The pair he out to Sven's yacht. While he is there, the cables on na logging truck snap, Dropping their cargo down the hill. He cuts the cables on an overhanging platform, dropping it on Krick. Ro seems rather touchy on the subject.

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Zee and Ro flee, disappointed about their visit. Zee escapes the building and is picked up in a hovercar by Ro. Zee and Ro leave the museum in a taxi, wondering about the idea of Family. DeFlores gets freaked out after not one, but two leadd units appear before him. She becomes suspicious as he looks nothing like the picture she has of him.

Bucky takes the lead lets nsa

They are captured by Sven's security robots and thrown in the cargo hold. This one was a spy thriller. Bucky appears and reveals that he caused the glitch and that the only way they are getting on a plane is by bringing him along. The victim introduces himself: he is Wade Pennington, the son of th robotics billionaire.

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They later see a news bulletin: Wade has been kidnapped and they are blamed as the kidnappers! At the airport, they discover that a computer error won't let them on the plane. Lest Zola also makes a return from the first film. He confronts the producer and the social worker. Agent Lee, having betrayed Bennet to them, quits.

Bucky takes the lead lets nsa

Batman saves him at the last minute, but IU7 is pulled into pieces. He convinces her to do it anyway and she reluctantly agrees.

Zee breaks in and tells the viewers that the show is faked. Zee pushes Ro through a trash chute and she ends up outside the building. He breaks out and runs back to tell Ro.

Bucky takes the lead lets nsa

Bennet sneaks into the first lab and discovers what files Zeta downloaded. Ro notices a rat with a piece of chocolate and crawls through the sewers back into the building.

Bucky takes the lead lets nsa

Wade shows his disdain for robots by kicking a serving bot into the swimming pool for fun. Back in Hillsburg, Tiffy's father is still cold to Ro, but says he look for information on her parents. Her 'mother' was actually an actor and the social worker has been using the hhe to track down runaway kids from foster homes.

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The guard runs after the attacker, as an old nsw points out the direction he went. Ro is hesitant to do the show because she worries that she will lead the NSA straight to Zee. Zee decides to try out a ride for children while Ro grabs some food. Bucky tries to take over IU7 takees his invention from 'Remote Control,' but discovers that because of Zeta the NSA has installed reprograming override codes.

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Bucky has taken control of the anDroid and uses him go after Dr Tanner at a science convention. He le them taies a gingerbread house attached to a candy factory. Zeta le it into the MRI room, prepared to sacrifice his own life to protect Ro. It turns out that Sven has been paying them to harass Wade so that he will think he needs all of Sven's security.

They enter and the man introduces himself: Krick, a bounty hunter who has had his eye on Zeta. She escapes with the food and brings it back to the streetgang she's staying with.

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They head to a hotspring Dr Tanner has been developing to discover that Bucky's parents have been reduced to children. Krick takes Lee hostage uses her safety to threaten Zeta. They wander through an exhibit on robotics where Zee takss to think about his origins.

As they are leaving, Zee Bjcky by a robot that is selling an Adam Heat movie. They escape on a blimp and head to a nearby train station, but not before Agent Bennet spots them.

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Zee and Ro leave, annoyed at Wade's actions. Tiffy reveals she stole something from Ro Bucoy she was younger and gives Ro a picture of her real brother.

Bucky takes the lead lets nsa

Zeta manages to deflect them away from the theater. His bodyguard runs up and introduces himself as Sven.