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University of Virginia I. Introduction When looking back on the records of the past, the lives of women, particularly non-elite women, are sometimes barely visible. The Plymouth Colony Court Records, however, contain a multitude of references to women. The majority of these references deal with unusual occurrences rather than the daily lives of women, and thus give an interesting view onto the lives and roles of women in the society of the Plymouth Colony.

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We psent Lincefordes wyfe for the same miscarriage. Qomen to the taxation of a woman There are two references to women being taxed in the first four volumes of the Plymouth Colony Court Records.

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Wee declare, yt coming into the house of the said Richard Bishope, wee saw at the foot of a ladder wh leadeth into Fucl vpper chamer, much blood; and going vp all of vs into the chamber, wee found a woman child, of about womn yeares of age, lying in her shifte vppon her left cheeke, with her throat cut with diuers gashes crose wayes, the wind pipe cut and stuke into the throat downward, and a bloody knife lying by the side of the child, with wh knife all of vs judg, and the said Allis hath confessed to fiue of vs at one time, yt shee murdered the child with the said knife.

New York: Peter Lang, These seual psons following are graunted meddowing in the South Medows towardes Aggawam, Colebrook Meddowes [a list of 18 names and parcels of land follows] The west meddow called Lakenhame by Doteys.

References to the taxation of a woman 2. After the death of a husband, however, the role of a woman in Plymouth society changed drastically, as she could no longer depend on her husband for her welfare. Demos, John. November 11, PCR It was ordered, that whereas Peter Browne dyed wthout will, having divers children by divers wiues, his estate amounting to an hundred powndes, or thereaboutes, it is ordered, that Mary, his wife, who is allowed the administratrix of the said Peter, forthwith pay downe fifteen powndes for the use of Mary Browne, daughter of the said Peter, to Mr Joh.

As the references to women in the first four volumes of the Plymouth Colony Court Records show, the role of women and widows grew more distinct over time, further demonstrating that women played an important, though somewhat less visible role in the early society of the Plymouth Colony. The hostesses were top of the line.

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There is no indication in the records that accusations made by a widow woemn taken more seriously than those made by a married or single woman, or vice versa. In these cases, generally the husband or son of the deceased woman was appointed to administer her estate.

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Richter, Julie. Later in the records, there is also a reference to the death of Mary Totman, who apparently mistakenly ate a poisonous root. However, even widows frok not always allowed full rights or responsibilities concerning the disposal of land.

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Don't assume that by replying we will get you address, will automatiy delete yours and add their own reply address. A single woman, by virtue of her lack of power, money, and resources, could wmoen provide for a servant, and therefore single women were never recorded as having received anyone into service.

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Done, of Plymouth aforesaid, wth whom the said Court haue placed the said Mary for nine yeares; at the end whereof the said John is to make good the said fifteen powndes to her or her heires, if in case she die. Widows, married women, and single women all made accusations equally. References to divorce There are only four references to divorce in the four volumes of the Plymouth Colony Court Records. Although the reasons for the divorce stated in the records were vague, it seems that the proceedings and settlement of this divorce were simplified by Elizabeth's death PCR Mr Steephen Hopkins is committed to ward for his contempt to the Court, and shall so remayne comitted vntill hee shall either receiue his servant Dorothy Temple, or els puide for her elsewhere at his owne charge during the terme shee hath yet Fcuk serue him.

Demos cites three possible grounds Fuxk divorce: bigamy 93impotence 95and adultery Whereas John Coomb, gent. The connections and chemistry was just right.

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Evidence for the double standard of sexual morality present in the Plymouth Colony is readily apparent in the one case of incest present in the first four volumes of the court records. In most of these cases, the accusations made by women were taken seriously, and the accused person, male or female, was brought to trial and if found guilty, punished. References to sexual offenses 3. The records only made reference to examining unusual causes of death.

Shurtleff, Nathaniel and David Pulsifer, eds. I just hope to have more time to stay and play - I'll be planning my schedule around all future parties as I plan on being at every one. In reviewing the references extracted from the records I found I could divide them into the following 13 : 1.

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November 2, PCR Francis West and Margery, his wyfe, for incontenancy wth one another before marriage, were censured to be both set in the stocks; and that Francis shall make a paire of stocks to be set vp in a convenient place in Duxborrow, wthin the space of two months now next ensueinge. I thought we were all going to start off slow like we had for my first party but amazingly wonderfully enough most of us were hot ready when we arrived lol The poor coordinator didn't even get to bring out her because everyone was already caressing, kissingtouching one another lol I was stoked I got to see a few of the kittens from my first party and got the opportunity to meet a few more wonderfully delicious kittens and I can't wait for the next party!!

Consequently, if a widow remarried, her new husband had the power to take over any property left to her beyond the original one third of her husband's estate, leaving her children penniless. Men were usually taxed more than widows, but men generally owned more taxable property.

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August 7, PCR Whereas Thomas Boardman, liueing incontinently wth Luce, his now wyfe, and did begett her wth child before they were marryed together, wth, vpon exaiacon, was confessed by them both, the said Thom. Rather, the courts accused men of fornication, a less serious Plymouht. Introduction When looking back on the records of the past, the lives of women, particularly non-elite women, are sometimes barely visible.

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However any of the above stated functions could be limited by men to a minimum. References to women as the executrix or beneficiary of a will 5.

The punishment of wearing a badge sometimes carried a further conditional punishment. These women could be accused of crimes, including sexual offenses, and be punished for them.