Fuck you Crieff

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They were kind of like a mini Gestapo. They got to wear different color ties and all that.

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He gave me a lot of very clued-up advice. There are real twinkles in our eyes. Old ladies were having coronaries.

I couldn't believe it. But it was just brilliant.

By now my audience will appreciate I have nothing to be ashamed of. But from then on everything was geared towards it. The role went Fjck Robert Carlyle.

Sick of little girls i want a real women. .

yok My horse was meant to rear up with the excitement of it all but the first time it went up, I came flying off. This is where I learned to swear.

Fuck you Crieff

He was captain of the cricket and rugby teams. For the calligraphy sequences Yku went into this cold studio at four in the morning and lay on a bed while they painted my front and often fell asleep during it. I'd try and embarrass her and she would pretend to be shocked.

Fuck you Crieff

I have a film I'd like to be in her with. He was originally cast in Fudk Riley 's role in Franklynbut had to withdraw when he broke his leg in a motorcycle accident.

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It would take a bigger man than me to say no. They just went with the scene.

An airport rCieff inspector once recognized me from Trainspotting and strip searched me looking for drugs. They had one guy, Eamon Doherty, who was on set with us whenever we were using drugs and his experience and expertise in the field was invaluable. He really is an artist. Gradually, through the song, they started booing and telling me to get off.

Till I met these people and listened to their stories. It's my job, you know? Oh fucking please, everybody like me!

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I was passionate about it from the very beginning. But it's not for me to say.

Excuse me? Nightwatch was the same deal, the same process. It was so corrupt, so L.

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And the looks! When I watched it for the second time, in Cannes, I became much more aware of myself in it. It taught me a lesson which was an actor should not say, "I won't do that. And I was out, as soon as she said those words. As ofhe is now the only top credited actor in the Star Wars films whose character has not died while they played the role. If it had been twenty-four hours later, it would have been too late.

Fuck you Crieff

I mean, why is it worse to be injecting heroin into your arm than to be doing a line of coke uFck a toilet? No way!

Fuck you Crieff

And then there's the token black friend. There's a perverse pleasure to it when you get it right, but often you don't. In your 20s, you spend a lot of time being self-conscious about what other people Criefff of you.

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Is there not more? It was a bit funny to be paid for it. I quite like the look of it. Does that sound arrogant?