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For strategies to defend against big threats, see Defense tactics. For defensive base constructions, see Defense structures. Commonly known as a raid, this event comes in several types. The size of a raid is determined by your colony's wealth, and the difficulty setting of the AI Storyteller. It is possible for multiple raids to occur at the same time, possibly to the benefit of the player if both raids are from opposing factions. Assault Different types of raids include: Assaults Raids arrive either via the edge of the map or by drop pod.

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Any alive Spacers inside may be captured and recruited, usually with a low recruitment difficulty percentage.

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They have various negative effects on the map. To stop the effect, destroy the ship part by manually attacking it.

Volcanic winter "A distant supervolcano has erupted and begun spewing millions of cubic kilometers of ash into the atmosphere. Prison break Psychic drone 'Drone' in this case does not refer to "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle" but instead "To produce a low-pitched hum or buzz.

This is helpful if you need to contain a larger break, though the use of weapons means they have a higher chance of outright killing the prisoner. Colonists will complain about the cold, especially sleeping in it if their rooms are not properly heated.

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Ancient Danger Main article: Ancient shrine This event is related to map generation and may not appear on every map. Drug addiction A colonist has taken too much of a drug and is now addicted. Accoutn that falling roofs underneath a mountain can instantly kill any pawn unfortunate enough to be crushed. If the person tries to go on a possibly dangerous drug binge, you can try to keep the drug in question out of their reach burn it, sed it on a caravan, surround the stockpile with walls; some mods allow you to pick up items directly, which is the easiest, albeit cheesy way to deal with that.

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Hives produce Insect Jelly. The party will by default happen around an item checked as a Gather Spot, such as a table or campfire, but may be overridden by building a party spot. This can easily lead to meat shortage and famine if you do not have sufficiently large farms for your colony. This normally means that all wildlife on the map is wiped out during the event.

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All roofs must be supported by a constructed or rock wall within 6 spaces with contiguous roof sections in between itself and that wall. They may assault the colony immediately, or stage for a time before launching their attack, allowing colonists time to take up defensive positions, or counterattack. Crops grown in hydroponic basins will rapidly die regardless of the temperature. Make sure to take them off all colonists for the duration of the event.

Which disease they are infected with depends on the biome.

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Bad will You've done something to anger another faction bad enough that they are now hostile to yours. Colonies that rely on turrets for defense will Inssert vulnerable to raids. About: Launching the ship This event appears upon completing the research project Starflight Basics. They are usually poorly armed and clothed. This can cause characters to get binges and no wardens or doctors looking out for prisoners can easily let captives break out. Any built table or campfire by default is checked as a Gather Spot, but will be overridden by Ayrora Marriage spot.

Colonists will be at risk of heatstroke or hypothermia if living in a biome with extreme temperatures and temperature control devices aren't built fast enough.

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Death: Pawn One of your pawns has died unintentionally. Inspiration: Type One of your colonists has had a mental inspiration and will perform much better at a certain skill. This event can only happen once per playthrough. Colonists will complain about the cold, especially sleeping wityout it if their rooms are not properly heated. Depending on the nature of the mental break, there are several ways to handle the situation: Wall the person in — this is only possible if they wander to a suitable location.

Solar flare Solar flares cause all electrical devices to stop working for the duration of the event.

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A large piece of an ancient ship crashes nearby or within the colony, scattering chunks and debris. Prison break Prisoners have staged a breakout! The affected areas will ultimately have dramatically reduced chances of maturing simple crops, and slower crops will end up nearly impossible to grow. Volcanic Winters also appear to ificantly reduce the inflow of wildlife observed in a Temperate Forest, x, very few animals came in during Spring-Summer when there would normally be many.

Too deep: Infestation In 1. Auroraa user noted on Cassandra Classic difficulty Rough, the infestation stopped replicating at 30 hives each with 6. They may also attack visiting traders, possibly hurting your good will with that faction if they manage to kill a trader though downed traders can be rescued for a good will bonus.

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Bad withput You've done something to anger another faction bad enough that they are now hostile to yours. Solar flare Solar flares cause all electrical devices to stop working for the duration of the event.

Eclipse One of your rimworld's moons has moved in front of this rimworld's sun and has shaded this colony's section of the planet. If you don't want it to infest the whole area, muster your forces and destroy it.

Drafted colonists will defend themselves. Transport pod crash Rarely, a transport pod will crash land nearby with a downed occupant. Chah known as a raid, this event comes in several types.