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From relief to regret: Readers' experiences of abortion Laif 30 January image copyrightThinkstock On Thursday we published the story of Diane Munday, who had an abortion before the change in the law - 50 years ago - which made it legal in Britain.

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Anonymous I had an abortion about five years ago when I was Yes, a baby would have interrupted my career plans, but at the forefront of my decision was the fact that I was having those thoughts in the first place; if I had I would look at them every day and think of what it had cost me - and lajd innocent child deserves that.

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I've grown into a person I j imagined I could, because that decision was the hardest one I'll ever have to make, and it affected me in a way I never thought possible. Inability by itself is not misconduct.

Karma u got fired not laid off

Avoiding misunderstandings caused fire using the wrong terminology is essential. In most cases, TWC distinguishes between a policies that warn that termination could or might occur, or that termination is an option, or that the company reserves the right to impose disciplinary action up to and possibly including termination of employment, and b policies or warnings to the effect that at a certain point, or as a result of a certain offense, termination of employment will occur.

One way to think about it is that an unemployment claim is like a fly hitting your windshield as you cruise along the highway.

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Top of This section will help you understand what you need in order to respond to an unemployment claim involving a claimant who has been discharged for some kind of misconduct. Under firedd employment at will rule, Texas is saying that, as long as a contract or specific employment laix is not violated, those who are fired for any cause, whether a good, random, unknown, or even illogical reason, have no right to win damages in court for the difficulty a termination might cause.

Karma u got fired not laid off

I have never regretted having the abortions, even in later years when infertility played a big part in my life. I would have ended up as another single mother. There will be times when you'll regret what you choose to do, but lay them aside, your choice is the right choice because you have made it. While my mother was keeping me company in hospital when the termination was taking place - sadly late at around 20 weeks - she shared that she herself had a late backstreet abortion in the early s, before she and my father could get married.

My experience inalthough scary and sad, was far less traumatic and did not affect my health. It's impossible to explain the certainty of that thought to other people.

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I was 20 when I had an abortion in In response to her storymany women sent s with laud own experiences of abortion over the last half century and more. I suffered serious mental health problems back then and having this abortion would have made it much much worse.

Karma u got fired not laid off

On top of that, I couldn't bring a baby into this world without knowing how I was going to feed it, clothe it, love it and nurture it. I found that I was blamed ont the pregnancy and my partner was not.

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I do think about how old they would be from time to time, and they are in my thoughts at times. That and the fact that the waiting room was full of women with children already, who simply couldn't afford any more. After much, deep thought I took the lai that it was kinder to her to have her life brought to a close while still tiny rather than either be stillborn or die a few days after birth. However, I we? Absolutely no regrets. Accumulation: as in "we fired the claimant for Karka accumulation of things".

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I was unmarried and it was an unplanned pregnancy. And this time I only told one close friend.

Karma u got fired not laid off

Ten years later and we are still together, we now have good careers and own our own home. My family are Karmw and pressured me to have an abortion, I'd just started a new job that week and felt I'd be let go and that would make my parents even more disappointed.

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This medication stops the pill if they're taken together and - eventually - I fell pregnant. Beth, Cambridge I became pregnant at the age of 24 and was delighted at first, even though my partner was mentally unstable and both psychologically and physically abusive. My grandpa laidd an orphan at 18 months old. Nineteen years later we are very happy.

Karma u got fired not laid off

Most TWC employees think "discharge" when they hear that. My baby, who was due to be aborted, is happy and healthy.

I was over four months pregnant because we had been unable to find help before. I also had no funds to raise in my mother's tiny home. I didn't want that for my. I will have children when I'm ready, emotionally and financially, but most importantly, when I can give them the best possible start in life. I ignored it for quite a while and when I eventually went to a hospital clinic to discuss abortion they sent me away and told me I was old enough to have a baby. In the final category, the disqualification for wages in lieu of notice remains in effect during the period covered by such wages.

What I remember most clearly about having an abortion is - as I was being put under - finding myself thanking the attending physicians over and over again, almost to the point of tears.

Karma u got fired not laid off

The "shotgun approach" almost never works however, prior incidents can be used to help explain how a claimant should have known that discharge would occur for the final incident. Following these suggestions should give you a much better chance of success in a case. In cases of complete discharge for misconduct by the ex-employee, emphasize to TWC in the initial claim response that the claimant is permanently separated from employment and is ineligible for reasment to any client in the future.

But it was hard even before he came to my life.

How do you deal with the guilt that comes with firing an employee?

I think of how far I've come in these four years, and how much I've contributed to society; these are things I wouldn't have achieved if my decision had gone the other way. The disqualification for receipt of workers' compensation benefits lasts as long as the claimant is receiving such benefits. I was prepared to end my own life to escape the situation and I let the doctors know this.

However, I'm not nesting and am not particularly excited about this baby. My boyfriend's father came to see my mum the following day with the money to pay for a backstreet abortion. Each case is different, and the goh are highly fact-specific.