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Sudden death comes with a terrible blow to the surviving members of the family, even when it from natural causes, but how much heavier is the affliction when it comes by accident, violence, or by suicide. No one who saw Samuel MAGILL on the streets on Monday morning would dream for a moment that before two o'clock of the same day he would be a corpse and that by his own hand. Thirty-two years ago the Magill Brothers, four incame west with their aged father to renew the battle of life. At their old home in Malone, New York, the father had lost the labor of a lifetime in a few hours.

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For some swa;ping past, in fact since the death of his brother William, Samuel Magill has been very despondent and low-spirited. Goodbrake both noticed it, but they thought it only the vagaries of a sick man's fancy. Samuel Magill was yet in the prime of life, his age being but a little more than fifty-seven years. Colonel Warner and Dr.


Even at his home he exhibited the same despondent spirit, which alarmed his family. By this time the strychnine had begun its terrible work and he was seized with a slight spasm. Samuel had charge of the merchandising until it was sold last spring; Henry, while he lived, looked after the bank interests, and the subject of this sketch, William, took oversight of the farms and live stock and the many complicated interests connected with it, and he would at different times expose himself in this trying climate more than his rather frail constitution could bear.

Woody Woodward also moves in after returning to Walford, but leaves a few weeks later.

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The funeral services take place this afternoon at two o'clock. Before the arrival of the doctor, Mr.

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Of the four boys who began business in Clinton over a quarter of a century ago only one remains. Prudent and careful in their business habits they carried the same traits into their personal lives.

He then requested to be left alone. The death of Henry, William and Samuel, following in almost rapid succession, less than nine months intervening from first to last, illustrates that "United in life, in death they are not divided.

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Patrick is left Pllock his own in the house and has a stroke. William H. Aubrey Valentine stayed with them briefly in and attempted to seduce Yolande. Magill had long been an honored and active member, taking charge of the ceremonies. His former cheerfulness had all vanished, and he would pass even his most intimate friends on the street with barely a word or a nod of recognition.

He complained of feeling chilly.

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Denise was left with Patrick and Jordan but the quiet house would soon have more noise when Denise's sister Kim Fox moved in following a breakup with her cheating boyfriend. To the Magill Bros. David P.

Pollock MO wife swapping

He had been engaged in the woolen mill business, and one night a fire swept away his entire property, leaving nothing but the smoke- blackened walls of the building. After falling off the roof of The Queen VictoriaAbi is declared brain dead and later dies in swappong.

In every undertaking the brothers were successful. William and Robert managed the farms and all the interests in that connection, while Samuel attended to the mercantile business and Henry was the financial head of wice.

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Note: Four years after Polkock tragedy Samuel's son, Alfredalso committed suicide. No one who saw Samuel MAGILL on the streets on Monday morning would dream for a moment that before two o'clock of the same day he would be a corpse and that by his own hand. The Magill family were remarkable for their love and affection to each other. Although they later move out to live with her boyfriend Adam Bateman.

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It is supposed that he put the strychnine in the apple in order to make it ewapping to take and then drank some of the water. Anxious to make the best settlement possible for the families of Henry and William, he not only devoted his days to his ledger and day book, but even at night his mind was actively at work. William Magill was sixty years and eleven days old when he died. May he have health and strength to speedily and amicably arrange and settle the large business interests of the late firm, so as to enjoy the declining years of life in quiet and rest.

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Both properties were sold to Mr. Day and night found him by their bedside. Taking his wife by the hand he looked up into her face and said: "Eleanor, if I get over this I will go, but I have taken strychnine!

All through the sickness of both Henry and William, Samuel was unwearied in his attentions. There was no necessity for this anxiety as the estate is worth in the neighborhood of eight hundred thousand dollars, and all in first-class real estate and other investments. It can be said of him that he never oppressed a man or a tenant who was even half way inclined to be fair in his business relations.

Pollock MO wife swapping

She leaves a young child and a devoted husband to mourn her early death. In life the four brothers were united in everything from the time they were boys together at the old homestead in Vermont. Magill entered the room and was going to remove the glass swzpping water, but he told her to leave it as he might want to take another drink. Magill tried to persuade her husband to go with her on a visit to friends, but he was so determined swapling straighten out the business of the firm that he would not even listen to the suggestion.